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Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Ryan Getzlaf Rookie Hit? Don't Mind If I Do.

A quick post today on another awesome and cheap eBay pickup for my Ryan Getzlaf PC. I snagged this '05-'06 Fleer Hot Prospects jersey swatch of the Ducks' Captain for 99 cents plus shipping off of the Bay.

I love the bright orange swatch, the old-school third jerseys, and the action shot of Getz looking to dish the puck. Yes, it is a photo shoot jersey piece, but I like it nevertheless, and at least Fleer is upfront and honest.

I've got a big post coming up tomorrow, and I can't wait to start writing it and putting it together. Good, good stuff upcoming.


  1. Ah, the teaser at the end of the post. How I love a good teaser. Now I'll HAVE to check in. You've forced my hand, sir.

    I shall be back on the morrow.

  2. Excellent. My master plan is working splendidly. Also, I've been meaning to e-mail you.