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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Clayton Kershaw Purple People Eater Tier One Parallel.

I ran across a low, low-numbered parallel of a Clayton Kershaw card I did not have while perusing eBay. It happened to be from Tier One, which a lot of our blogging brethren hated. I actually really like Tier One, and scored a great Kemp parallel a while back. But I'm straying, so back to Clayton. I placed a bid, and somehow it held. I say somehow because I snagged this beauty, #'d 05/25, for a ridiculously great deal.

A sick, sick addition to my Kershaw Collection, and for the low low price of $5.25 delivered (winning bid of two fiddy; and I just realized it's the rarest of eBay 1/1s, as the price matches the serial-numbering). I'm apparently incapable of correctly cleaning my scanner, but trust me when I say this baby really pops. It's definitely the purple. Or the magical floating ball above Clayton's right arm and glove. Either way, I'm a fan. On a side note, Brad Rauer and GCA, I need your e-mail addresses! It's Card Draft stuff!


  1. Nice. I just picked up the Tulowitzki purple for a semi-decent price. Well, I probably overpaid, but it's still cool. I like the looks of these parallels.

  2. I have the black parallel held for you, so don't go seeking it out. It's that along with the Alex Gordon jersey you requested from 2012. We'll figure something out for them.

  3. Johnny- Tier One parallels are indeed aesthetically-pleasing, particularly the black and purple ones. And for a card /25, you have to overpay sometimes. Especially of a player you heavily collect.

    Ted- Much appreciated, thanks!

    GCA and Brad- Thanks guys! E-mail coming soonish.

    Dutch- Gracias!