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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Trade With Reader Eric: I Got An E-Mail. I Was Offered A Clayton Kershaw Rookie Auto. I Made It Happen.

Seriously, I would be in heaven if I woke up every morning to an e-mail with an offer of a Kershaw autograph I needed/wanted/had to have at all costs. Will it happen again? I don't know, but it has happened once already. I completed my first trade with Eric S., who to my knowledge has no blog. He e-mailed me about a Kershaw autograph. I bit. Quickly.

This absolute stunner was the prize, without a doubt, of my end of the deal. I knew it would be difficult to obtain, but thankfully my previous eBay binges left me with an extra Carlos Santana sig, and Eric is an Indians fan. So a trade was born. It marks Kershaw autograph number sixteen. The Kershaw was the massive draw (on-card all day baby!), but Eric hooked me up with some more awesome stuff in return for other relics I sent his way.

Keeping with the Kershaw theme is this Photographer's Proof - #'d 05/50 - from 2008 Topps Stadium Club. It's an interesting parallel, and one I'm very pleased to knock off and not have to worry about anymore.

Next up, a sick, sick Mike Piazza jersey swatch with the majority of a Mets pinstripe! I'm in bad need of a Piazza as a Dodger relic. And a Piazza cardboard autograph.

I've somehow become an unofficial Josh Lindblom collector, much as Night Owl is the resident Jon Link SuperCollector. I don't mind being a haven for Lindblom autos though, as I like Josh and think he'll be a solid bullpen contributor for a number of years. Plus, the Bowman Sterling RC auto above - my fourth Lindblom signature - is an awesome card.

My second Jonas Hiller autograph! Wooo! This is the first of the two that's on-card. And it's a mini. Boosh. The man, aside from being an excellent goaltender, graced us with the greatest mask in hockey history.

And finally, a pair of player collection cards I needed/wanted/both. The Kemp is from 2009 and is the Ginter-back variation - which I needed - and the Kershaw RC mini is a standard back and my second of Kershaw's Ginter rookie in mini form. I love me some Ginter rookie mini madness.

Thanks for the great trade Eric! I hope you enjoy your end of the deal as much I love the cards you sent, and you should definitely start blogging. I look forward to trading again!


  1. Very nice Kershaw, congrats. I really, really liked the look of the '08 Stadium Clubs (football too) and despise Topps for discontinuing one of their betters sets in favor of crap like Prime (football), Marquee, etc. Anyway, if I was to try to pick up a Kershaw for my PC, I think I'd take a shot at the one you just got

  2. Nice Piazza. Be careful when you pick up an auto because it's like a gateway drug. I picked up a Sweet Spot auto because it was the most affordable pseudo-on-card autograph that I could find. Next thing you know, I'm traveling out of state to get an autograph in person. What's next? I'm scared to find out.

  3. Dennis- Thanks! And yeah, I don't know why they dropped Stadium Club, seems pretty solid from the few cards I have from it.

    Mike- Haha, I've already waited hours to meet Clayton and camped out for like 14 hours to meet Matt Kemp.

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