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Monday, March 19, 2012

From Portland To Anaheim, Ryan Getzlaf Will Always Have A Place in My Collection.

Another sweet Ryan Getzlaf pickup to start off the week. I spotted this card on eBay with a starting bid of $9.99, if I recall correctly. It went bid-less about three times, with each re-listing yielding a lower opening bid. It finally came up with a $3.99 starting price, and that was plenty low for me. I bid, was the sole bidder, and now am the proud owner of my newest Captain Getzlaf hit.

The true awesomeness of this patch doesn't show up on the scan as well as it could, but that right side swatch is bulging out of the card and has stitching. It's the Silver Version, and is 1 of 50 such Silver Versions, as is ITG's modus operandi when describing a hit's print run. The left piece of jersey comes from Getz's time with the Portland Pirates of the AHL.

That little scratch-like mark on the left Ryan's face? Well, that's just my scanner.


  1. Great pickup! Gotta love those 1-bid winners.

  2. Thanks! And I do very much enjoy being the sole bidder....lessens the angst and worry about winning haha.