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Monday, March 5, 2012

I Prefer My Allen & Ginter To Be Of The 1880s Variety.

2011 Ginter has been a challenge to complete, with some cards trickling in here and there over the last few months. So, with those struggles in mind and a desire to knock off '11 Ginter before '12 Ginter hits the shelves, I decided it would be best to do some Ginter shopping. Shopping for original Allen & Ginter, that is. All of this vintage goodness on display inspired me to hit up one of my absolute favorite eBayers, from whom I've made a handful of purchases from in the past.

My quick trek to eBay yielded - for the low, low price of just $6.99 shipped - the awesome 1888 N11 A&G Flags Of The States and Territories lot of three you see above. Let's take a look at each of these new additions to my vintage A&G PC.

I was unaware that Virginia's motto is "Sic Semper Tyrannis", which translates to "Thus Always To Tyrants". It sometimes pays to be a History major....and on multiple occasions seen National Treasure. I'm in love with the aesthetics of this card, from the motto to the great classical image of tyrant bloodshed on the flag accompanied by what I can only imagine is tobacco being picked on a riverbank. A very appropriate addition to my collection, considering where Allen & Ginter originates from.

Such an awesome card that it's hard to decide upon a starting point. The dual pistols is just nails, and add in some tools, a caravan of wagons (or a train, it's difficult to tell), and a beautiful scene of Mother Nature - including Bambi, it would appear - and we have ourselves a winner for just $2.33.

Finally, we move further West to Oregon. Another instance of magnificent scenery, and added on to that is a strikingly patriotic flag with a sunrise portending to a better today and a brighter future.

A quick look at the backs reveals, in all likelihood, the primary reason these were so cheap: there aren't any backs to speak of in this "trimmed" lot (the seller's words, and perhaps skinned as well, or whatever the term for non-existent backs on hundred-plus-year-old cardboard is).

I'm stoked to have stumbled upon this lot of great, great A&G when I did, and even more pleased with the price it checked in at. Picking up original Allen & Ginter when I can is one of my favorite aspects of the hobby, and I'll always be on the hunt for affordable Ginters from the 1880s. The N11 set is one I'd actually very much like to put together one day.


  1. wow, great cards ! congrats on the pick-up !

  2. I about pulled a bone-headed move by pointing out that Wyoming probably wouldn't have been a state when these were made. Then I re-read for comprehension and saw that it's the "States and Territories" set.

    Great finds!

  3. Great stuff there...I thought the same thing as Eric did about Oregon. Then I read his comment..lol

  4. Adam- I thought you might haha. Seems right up your alley.

    TDCG- Thanks!

    A.J.- Gracias amigo!

    Eric/Robert- Thanks gents! And it's an all-encompassing set haha!

  5. Sad for me, I've never come across one of these in person. I mean, what are they, rare or somethin'? Sheesh!

  6. topher- Haha, they are surprisingly attainable and affordable in the above conditions. eBay!!!