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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Artsy, and Limited, Ryan Getzlaf Panini Patch.

If someone had only seen my blog posts from the beginning of 2012 up until today, it would appear that Ryan Getzlaf was my number one PC. He is most certainly my favorite hockey player, and one of my four primary collections, but the insane number of his hits I've acquired in this final year of human existence is based off of their relative inexpensive nature more than anything else. I've got a post in the works that will delve further into that topic but for now, here's yet another Captain Getz pickup from eBay.

Numbered 14/25, it's another super sweeeet patch that is bulging (phrasing....boom) out of the card and features multiple rows of stitching and two colors. Checking in at $5.01 delivered, it pairs up exceptionally well with the regular old jersey piece I already have from '11-'12 Panini Limited (at the bottom of this here post).

Limited is a fantastic product, with a black and white background allowing the color photo of the player to really pop. It possesses that wonderful artistic feel that many products unfortunately lack nowadays. Another great addition to my Getzlaf Collection, and another ridiculously cheap score I was happy to stumble upon.


  1. Awesome Getzlaf. I managed to pull a similar Crosby from Limited which MAY be my number one pull so far this year. Considering that someone had to pay over $100 for the pack that it came in, you got a VERY good deal on that card.

  2. Ryan Getzlaf is the Rich Hill of PTSIA. Except for maybe Kemp or Kershaw. Maybe Kemp is the Jake Long and Kershaw is the Braylon Edwards?

  3. Matt- I saw that Crosby, a beaut! Gotta love the secondary market.

    Dennis- Something along those lines haha. I think the Hill comparison is apt.