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Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Honoured To Have Another Notch on My Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Belt.

I've probably mentioned this a number of times, but I absolutely love Dominion, and I'm working on completing the master set of Ryan Getzlaf cards in the product. I've even got an unofficial checklist up, which is paired with scans of the Captain Getz Dominion cards I already have. Among many of my needs was one card I could never get my hands on, despite numerous attempts.

Getzlaf is paired with Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty in an insert set entitled "Honoured Rivals." The card is short-printed to just 49 copies, and the one stipulation I had was that when I finally landed the card, the Getz relic had to be a patch. I came across many on eBay, but was continually outbid, and the ones listed as BINs were too rich for my blood. I eventually found the above copy listed at $10 BIN/OBO with free shipping. I made an offer, and it was immediately rejected. I made a second offer, and faced the same result. I gave it one last shot, was not met with initial rejection, and waited.

Much to my delight, the seller accepted, and for an $8.01 PayPal purchase, I can finally say I own a copy of this awesome card. My particular dual relic features a sweet 2-color Getzlaf patch with some stitching, is numbered 42/49, and the patch is coming out of the card, which is always a welcome sight. A fantastic addition to my Getzlaf PC, and another Dominion need is in the books.

Oh, and Lubomir Visnovsky is totally doing The Creep in the background.

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