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Friday, April 13, 2012

Russell Martin and Kurt Suzuki Are Two of The Most Underrated Catchers in Baseball.

Back to the card draft bank-rolled purchases. Cheap high-end is always a welcome addition to my various collections, and this Dual Reflections Autograph from 2007 Upper Deck Exquisite certainly fits that bill.

Numbered 07/40, I don't remember having this card available to me for a reasonable price and in an auction format previously. The price remained well under what I would have paid, so I gobbled it up. $6.55 later, it became the newest addition to my Russell Martin PC. The card looks much better in person, as the scan doesn't do it near enough justice. The stickers aren't as obvious, the blue autos pop more, and the card looks the part of high-end.

Now, to the point I made in the title. Between '06 (Russ' debut) and the present, Russ ranks third in all of baseball, amongst catchers, in WAR, checking in at 20.8 and looking up at only Joe Mauer and Brian McCann. Suzuki, who didn't make his debut until 2007, still finds himself ninth on the list at 12.2 WAR.


  1. You are very wise... like Yoda.

    Yes... two of the most underrated catchers in baseball... those two are.

    Congratulations on that purchase.

  2. Nice card, dude. May you cut it in half and trade me the Kurt Suzuki half?

  3. Haha, now that would be a first!