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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Ryan Getzlaf Autograph Yields A New eBay 1/1?

Any Ryan Getzlaf autograph is a friend of mine. So it should come as no surprise that when I saw Getzlaf was included in Panini's '10-'11 Pencraft Autograph set, I was stoked. These cards feature on-card signatures, first and foremost. But it gets even better. The cards allow the player a large space in which to sign, are numbered out of just 50, and feature some really nice photography.

I had not been able to land one, so I finally decided to just bunker down and snag a copy, even if I had to pay a bit more than I'd like to. That ended up being the case, but I still took down the auction for the above - #'d 27/50 - for under the price of a blaster. Considering all of the aforementioned attributes, how badly I wanted to add the card to my collection, and the fact that there are only 50 of 'em, I was more than pleased, even with a few extra dollars coming out of my PayPal account.

I mentioned the new eBay 1/1 appearing to me. Well, the Getz, as you can see, is numbered 27/50. 27 happens to be the number of my favorite athlete and number one collecting interest, Mr. Matthew Ryan Kemp. So that begs the question if I can consider this some kind of mutant 1/1, and if I was bold enough, should I try and accumulate more of these mutant 1/1s, a project that would not just be limited to cards concerning Kemp and Captain Getz.

Yeah, it's a stretch. And no, I won't be attempting it. I am, however, massively thrilled to have this card as part of my ever-expanding Getzlaf Collection.

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  1. Congratulations on the 1/1 (Kemp edition) Getz autograph. This would be one crazy project... that would be an instant conversation starter.

    I'd go for it. Then again, I collect damaged cards, so I'm not sure if you should value anything I have to say.