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Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's The Cards With Many Parallels That Boggle The Mind.

Cards with multiple parallels generally are a player collector's best friend and a set collector - or team set collector's - worst nightmare. Variations of a card differentiated by oftentimes the most minute things like varied background hue or random numbering are simply a money grab for card companies. I say that not to hate on them, because as a player collector, it means I have more to chase after. My player collections are never complete in any sense of the word because there is almost always some sort of parallel I've overlooked or wasn't even aware of.

The above card is not one of those cases, however. I knew about its existence, and knew I wanted needed it. It was just a matter of tracking one of the few in existence down, and feeling comfortable with the price I'd end up paying to acquire it. The Getzlaf above - the newest addition to my Captain Getz and Captain Getz Dominion PCs - is the Sapphire base parallel. It's extremely short-printed, with a print run of just ten copies. The only thing that separates it from the base card (which is itself numbered oddly out of 199) is the aforementioned color change. Due to the sapphire areas being the blue you see, the chase was on.

I was finally able to secure my copy of the ten produced - numbered 09/10 - a while back. It was had for less than half of the price of a blaster and was picked up using Card Draft # 1 funds, and even though it doesn't have a signature or relic, I'm still thrilled to check it off of the Getzlaf Dominion master checklist.

Now to find a copy of the Emerald parallel.....numbered out of a scant five.

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