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Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Still Painful....

I spotted this card for a seemingly low Buy-It-Now price with a Best Offer option. There was a pending offer, but the price was so good I had no choice but to swoop in and purchase it before it got away. You know, like Ned Colletti let the player depicted on said card get away.

It's a refractor, numbered out of 500 - 430/500, to be exact - and is one of Santana's few Dodger cards. It pairs nicely with my base '08 Bowman Chrome Santana RC, and I got it for well under what it books for, and what the owners of the two copies on COMC are looking for.



  1. Plus that catcher totally shreds on guitar.

  2. nice pickup! Does he have a Dodger auto card?

  3. Jeff- But of course, he also has a home on my iPod.

    DB- He has an auto in '08 Razor, which is probably the best we can get. Never seen an auto version of his '08 Bowman Chrome.