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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Trade With Craig2: Grinding My Way To Another Sick Getzlaf Patch.

I competed my first trade with Craig2 over on the SCF hockey boards. He posted a bunch of cards he was looking to move, and one caught my eye. I requested a price and a scan, and though he couldn't provide a scan at that time, he informed me the card featured a patch piece nicer than similar ones found on eBay. He said he'd send it my way and I could just send him $5 or so later on.

He certainly wasn't lying when he said this was a stellar patch! Numbered 25/50, this two-color patch features two awesome rows of stitching and a BIG patch piece that's trying to escape the card. I absolutely love the name of this set from Panini Zenith Hockey: Gifted Grinders. I mean, I hate when the term grinder is used in baseball for absolutely replaceable (and usually tiny and white) players like Adam Kennedy, but I understand its place in hockey, and Getzlaf is not only a supremely talented top-line center, but can also grind it out with the best of them.

Even cooler is that the guy informed me he wasn't looking for much because he had received the card as a throw-in, and was just happy to see it go to a good home and a collector who would appreciate it. Hell, he even insinuated a dollar or two would suffice, but I'll definitely be sending him the five bones he originally requested. It's my newest Getzlaf, and one I'm really happy to have.

Thanks for the great deal Craig!

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