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Friday, June 29, 2012

Made Possible By eBay Bucks and An Inability To Avoid Sweet Deals.

Gotta love freebies. Or eBay Bucks-based freebies, to be more precise. I had earned a nice chunk of change a few months ago, and wanted to grab a card that would fit nicely in one of my main PCs. The below certainly fits that bill, and it was entirely covered by those aforementioned eBay Bucks, with a few cents even left over. For less than half the price of a blaster, it's a patch-party up in this mother:

Numbered 30/40 and pairing my main man Ryan Getzlaf with Sharks center Joe Thornton, this awesome dual patch features a three-color piece for Captain Getz and a two-color swatch for Jumbo Joe. A plethora of stitching and some jersey on the Getz portion seals the deal, and to be able to land this baby for free (theoretically-speaking) is the icing on this hockey cake. I'm a big fan of Artifacts, so kudos to Upper Deck for producing one fantastic piece of cardboard.


  1. Ya know - you would probably save a crapload of money if the Ducks would just sell Getzlaf on eBay and you could by him.

  2. Totally down. Let's make it happen.