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Friday, June 1, 2012

A Rookie Gem, Quad Diamond Edition.

I was fortunate to land a great rookie of my main man Ryan Getzlaf for a measly six bucks or so from eBay a couple of months ago. I picked up a card or two utilizing the seller's combined shipping offer as well, just to even things out.

I absolutely love this Black Diamond Quad Diamond RC from '05-'06 Upper Deck. The scan turned out better than I thought it would, but it still does not come close to doing this beaut justice. I've seen prices on these cards range from around what I paid to significantly more (with some graded copies mixed in), so I'm very pleased with the deal I was able to get. The old Mighty Ducks logo, combined with Getz appearing to leap off the card, seals the deal in my book. It's a fantastic new addition to my Getzlaf Collection.

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