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Friday, July 13, 2012

The Future of The Dodgers Is Bright.

It's no secret I'm a huge Jerry Sands fan. I believe he'll be a nice part of the offense for a number of years, and hope he gets another extended look before the year is out. No, I don't believe he's the next Matt Kemp, but he's also no James Loney or Juan Rivera or Tony Gwynn Jr., i.e. he should be playing over them now and allowed to mature into the hitter I believe he can be. Along with the currently Tommy John'd Rubby De La Rosa, they give me hope the current Colletti-led trend of crusty vets and James Loney-like James Loneys will be a thing of the past.

So you can imagine the above card would be a no-brainer, and would sit fairly high on my must-haves list. There are roughly a bajillion variations of this card, and I would have been more than happy with whatever the most plentiful one happens to be. But the gold parallel, numbered 28/50, and running me a measly $6.09 delivered?


Especially considering Jerry - who's been given so many different numbers I've lost count - wore 28 for a spell, as seen in the below autographed 8x10. On-card though....well damn, perfection then.


  1. Agreed on Jerry. He should be playing everyday in the majors.

    That's a gorgeous card BTW.

  2. Arno- Ugh is right. An understatement, easily.

    DB- Indeed he should. And thanks! Still can't believe I got it for such a steal.