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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Limited eBay 1/1.

I don't actively search out eBay 1/1s, but when they're staring me right in the face and priced to sell, I pounce. That's how I ended up with the below insert from '11-'12 Panini Limited, dubbed Stanley Cup Winners. It's numbered 015/199, and 15 is of course the number of my main man, Ryan Getzlaf.

I really dig the card, as it always puts a smile on my face to think back to the Ducks' 2007 Cup win. The card has a bit of a glossy finish to it, for lack of a better word. The black - well, entirety of the card - gives it a very elegant look, and who doesn't like a classy card, am I right?

It's the first Getzlaf card numbered to his number I've been able to acquire. It's not the last though.....

/I'm such a tease.


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  2. Awesome card! I love the design of those Stanley Cup Winners insert set. I need to pick up some of the Bruins ones.

  3. You should! They're really very nice in person.