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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Five Dollars A Pop Works Swimmingly For Me.

I came across a seller a while back with combined shipping and a number of Getzlafs. For me, that's a deadly combination. I scooped up the three new additions to my Captain Getz Collection you see below for about $15 total, and that's a deal I can get firmly behind.

First up, my latest John Hancock of the Ducks' centerman. I love that the signature is simply "R Getz," and the auto was the most expensive of this trio of additions, checking in at around eight clams. An on-card rookie autograph for eight bucks is always a swell steal in my eyes. I also really like the design of these '05-'06 UD Ultimate Collection Signatures. It's my second rookie autograph of Ryan.

The second pickup is a sweet 2-color relic from 2006 ITG. The Silver Version, and accordingly out of 100, it has a huge piece of white sweater with some sort of black seam creeping in from the lower left corner. The back of the card features an actual COA, as Brian Price and the ITG team tell me the swatch comes from the sweater Getz wore in the 2003 CHL Top Prospects Game. I love that Getzlaf's WHL team, the Calgary Hitmen, are prominently featured, as they have a great logo.

The final pickup - again from '06 ITG - is another piece of sweater from the aforementioned '03 CHL Top Prospects Game, and is another Silver Version from the guys and gals at ITG. What's pretty cool about this card is Getz is pictured wearing that sweater from the prospects game, and though it's a simple white swatch, it's out of 70 and features Ryan Getzlaf, which is plenty for this fan and SuperCollector.

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