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Friday, August 24, 2012

Trade With Mical: Another Koufax Bobblehead.

I completed my first trade with Mical, whom I met through a Dodgers' page on Facebook. Mical was in need of a Mike Scioscia bobblehead given away earlier this season, and I had an extra. He offered up a Sandy Koufax bobblehead, and if I'm going to have extras, Koufax >>>>>> Scioscia.

Thanks for the swap Mical!

I hate Ned Colletti, and I strongly dislike this trade. Even with Loney gone.


  1. Yeah, I know it was just getting the sleeves right for a change on my latest sweater project but it was such a good reminder to keep my eyes open to learn a little something new.

  2. I never thought of trading up a bobblehead for other ones that I may like! This is a great idea! Now I have to find someone who has some Phillies bobbleheads to trade up!