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Friday, September 21, 2012

Almost 6 Bills.

I recently scored a sweet Chad Billingsley autograph numbered out of 58. I don't focus on my modest Bills' PC enough, as he's long been one of my favorite Dodgers and a really good pitcher.

Numbered 47/58, all of Chad's signature made it onto the sticker, thankfully. $5.74 is a bargain, and it's a welcome addition. Hopefully Chad isn't down for too long with his injured elbow, which has felled him twice this season already and could potentially require surgery I'd prefer not to name.


  1. For having such a long last name, he has a pretty nice signature. Cool pickup!

  2. nice. i have a couple bills autos, and i watch quite a few on ebay. they always seem to go for more than i expect.

  3. thanks gcrl! and yeah, sometimes I get the feeling there are some closet Bills' collectors out there.