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Friday, September 14, 2012

Dabbling In High-End: Ryan Getzlaf 4-Color Dominion Patch /10

My love for Dominion knows no bounds. I've purchased more high-end cards in 2012 - especially Dominion - than I ever imagined I would at this point in my life and my collecting ways. I spotted this Ryan Getzlaf patch below, and it was listed as a Buy-It-Now. After vacillating for a while, I decided to go for it and scoop it up.

Numbered 07/10, it was had for just over the price of a blaster. The gold is just creeping in on the left, but it's a great four-color patch with a hefty helping of sweater as well. It's another fantastic addition to my Getz Collection.


  1. That's just nasty! Congratulations.

  2. Nice card, man. The only way I can get something nice of Crosby out of Dominion, is to throw down some cash for a group break, which I intend on doing when the product gets released.

  3. Thanks gents!

    Matt- I'm very fortunate Getz is affordable. And good luck in the Dominion breaks!