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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Those Cards You Never Knew Existed Until You Owned Them.

I love coming across cards I've never before encountered of my favorite players, and particularly enjoy it when the card in question is from one of the earliest releases they were featured in. Case in point, my newest Ryan Getzlaf hit:

I knew this card would be coming my way when I came across it on eBay. It's from 2004-2005 In The Game, and is the Sliver Version from whatever set it originates from. As such, it has a print-run of 90. Though the Captain is pictured in a Calgary Hitmen sweater, the back of the card specifically states the swatch comes from a Ducks' sweater. The eggplant color of the swatch and the year that the card was produced made that much obvious, ITG COA or no ITG COA. The Hitmen logo creepin' in the back is a sweet and much-appreciated touch.


  1. Cool card! Nothing like coming across a card for your PC guy that you've never seen before. I've had that quite a bit with my Patrik Stefan PC lately.

  2. In the perfect world... there would be no lockout and both Upper Deck & ITG would be producing NHL cards.

    Awesome card!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Paul- I've been following along with your Stefan posts, congrats on all of the great additions!

    Fuji- Oh, what an ideal world that would be. I'd take just the first even.