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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long Overdue But Still Totally Badass and Very, Very Rare.

My posting has become so haphazard over the last year or so that certain cards have been patiently resting on my desk waiting to be scanned, written up, and catalogued for much of that year. This occurs even as newer cards get the public treatment ahead of old friends. But no longer shall this travesty occur.

And so begins the blog, anew. Well, for today at least. The above beauty - a blue parallel from 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones - was snatched from the clutches of eBay ages ago, so long ago in fact that I don't remember when I acquired it. I got a fantastic deal on it though, that much is certain, and with a print-run of just ten (my copy being 06/10), I wasn't sure if I'd ever see another one. I haven't to this day. The blue works so well with the Dodgers' blue and the blue of the signature.

Hey look, a black parallel partner in crime from the same '08 M&M set. Numbered 12/25, it was another well-priced card I was able to land, and may have even run me a couple of dollars more than the blue parallel. Like the blue, I've never seen the black since, so I'm very pleased I was able to pick up both. They go fantastically well with the base auto I've had for a long time.

For now, my Russell Martin Collection is at peace knowing I've corrected a long overdue wrong. I have no idea if there are other parallels - I'd honestly be surprised if there weren't - but I'm perfectly content to not search them out, and if I come across one, hopefully the price will be right.