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Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Finally Have Phil Hellmuth's Auto!

I've posted before on my love of poker and how I would one day love to pick up autos of my favorite three players. Well, today I'm thrilled to be able to mark one of those three down as a success, as a while back I scored my first Phil Hellmuth signature for a great price, along with some trade bait from the same seller to take advantage of combined shipping discounts.

Hellmuth holds the all-time record of 13 WSOP bracelets, including a recent win at the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event, which is particularly historic as Hellmuth is now the only player to ever win the Main Event in both the U.S. and Europe. Hellmuth is my second favorite player, ever so slightly behind Gus Hansen. Hellmuth is the player I admire the most though. His auto marks just my fourth poker John Hancock.


  1. Very nice--you're not gonna do much better with poker autographs than him! I absolutely can't stand watching him, though, because he's such a jackass. I'm sure that makes watching poker more exciting for some people, but I can do without him.

  2. Holy crap. Is that an actual signature? Not a single scribble matches a letter in his name.

  3. Dennis- I can do without the major blowups, but I love his style and ability to lay down huge hands and be right about it.

    Jeff- Pretty sure he wrote "Phil J. Hellmuth, Jr."...I can see everything except the Hellmuth haha.