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Saturday, November 24, 2012

If I Must Own A James Loney Card....

I don't own many James Loney cards, but when I do, they're not cards I seek out. My first ever trade netted me a surprise Loney auto - my only signature of his - and I have a few base cards and the like lying around. However, today's card is one I'm more than happy to own, and it prominently features the former Dodger bust.

Of course, as you've probably already deduced, this card is one I'm happy to own because of the other former Blue Crew member on it. Numbered 39/50, this fantastic dual patch is the newest addition to my Russ Martin PC. Both patches feature jersey and patch with stitching. The Martin patch comes from the "Dodgers" across the front of a home jersey, while the Loney comes from the corresponding portion of an away jersey, which would read "Los Angeles." For $4.75 delivered and the chance at a new Russell, I'll make do with the least interesting Dodger.