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Friday, December 21, 2012

I Am The 30%.

In the past year or so I've undertaken a number of projects that necessitate acquiring cards with a limited print-run or attaining the entirety of a small print-run. These are difficult tasks that require patience, the willingness to spend more than you'd otherwise be comfortable with, and luck. While I've been able to prepare for these undertakings, sometimes a print-run becomes a project out of sheer chance.

Such is the case with Ryan Getzlaf's Championship Gear Auto/Patch subset - numbered out of a scant 10 - from the inaugural release of Panini's Dominion. I grabbed one long ago via trade and paid a pretty hefty price, considering how few exist. Then a second popped via eBay, and the price was beyond right. As the above scan and the post's title allude to, a third has entered my collection. I would have posted it months ago but I was in need of a magnetic for it. Now this beauty, #'d 01/10, becomes the third of the ten I own.

I believe the patch comes from the bottom of the "D" on the front of a Ducks' home sweater. I believe....

This newest patch is my third favorite of the three, with the above easily being first and the second patch pictured getting the silver medal.


  1. Damn, you're on your way to a monopoly! You should get all 10, destroy nine of them and have a true 1/1! Nice pickups, bud.

  2. Let's not lose our heads, here boys.

  3. hahahaha, that is an awesome idea in theory Dennis.

    in practice, I could never do it.

    and would never want to.