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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Jerry Sands Sterling RC Printing Plate.

Though he's been gone from the Dodgers for some months and has even been traded again - this time to the Pirates - Jerry Sands is still a guy I enjoy collecting. I like his skill set and feel the Dodgers never gave him enough of a chance. That adds up to a tertiary collection and I was recently able to add my first Jerry 1/1.

This sweet 2010 Bowman Sterling RC Magenta Printing Plate set me back a whopping ten bucks some time back. Love the rounded corners. I still keep an eye out for Sands' stuff that catches my eye, and if they ever come out with a patch for Jerry, I can finish off a Pentafecta of the former Blue Crew member.

Interestingly - and I didn't realize this until typing the first sentence of this post - I now collect TWO Pirates, as Russ Martin signed with Pittsburgh this offseason.


  1. Cool. I've never seen a plate from this set.

  2. thanks! yeah it's a nice-looking set, and the reverse image is pretty snazzy.