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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cornering The Adam Dunn Market.

I recently picked up a fantastically-awesome triple relic of one of my favorite non-Dodgers, Adam Dunn. I don't mention Dunn on the blog at all because he's not a guy I collect even though I like him. I even own a Reds' jersey of Dunn I received as a gift many years ago.

For just $9.99 delivered I couldn't pass up this beaut. It's super-short-printed to just 8 copies (06/08 for my copy) and features a GREAT patch with some jersey tossed in, a slice of Dunn's bat, and a piece of his jersey. The card hails from 2004 E-X Clearly Authentics, a set that has some great names to it and some awesome hits within it. The card has some nice but understated shine to it as well.


  1. That is a pretty nice card. If you like Adam Dunn.

    I don't particularly like him. When he was on the Reds, my fantasy baseball team name was "Trade Dunn for Coneys". Now that he's not on the Reds, I dislike him less.

    In my mind, he has the lowest batting average ever of any qualifier in MLB history - if you would get a hit in every at bat needed to qualify, and still be the lowest, than you still win the booby prize!

  2. I've got a nice Tim Hudson card from the same set...one of my fav patch cards.

  3. It is a nice card. After being Adam "Done" his first year with the White Sox he had a pretty nice comeback last year. Yeah, .205 but 41 home runs is nothing to sneeze at.