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Friday, February 1, 2013

A Ryan Getzlaf Private Signings Auto From An Unknown Product.

A real beaut to officially add to the collection today as I present a Private Signings signature of Ryan Getzlaf from some Panini product. I say some Panini product because the seller listed this as out of '11-'12 Dominion but the Private Signings autos can be found in numerous Panini products. I'm guessing this is not from Dominion but I could use some help in clarifying. Matt Pederson, any idea?

Whatever the product I'm a happy camper as these babies are on-card and well-designed. I paid a bit more than I had wanted to but this John Hancock still clocked in at under a blaster.

The player behind Getz's left hand appears to be sleeping or high on something. Oh, and Getz in the Captain's C is always a welcome sight and added bonus.


  1. I believe that while Private Signings cards are included in all Panini products, each product features a specific portion of that set. Your Getzlaf was pulled from a Dominion box, meaning you would only be able to pull his card from Dominion, and not from Limited, Certified, Contenders, etc.

  2. Why only Dominion? Is it the bigger ones only came from Dominion?

  3. Matt- Sweet, thanks for the info. Really glad to add another Dominion Getz to the collection.