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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hey, Look What You Can Get For Half A Blaster: 1954 Bowman Duke Snider

Wonderful and well-priced vintage goodness is hard to beat. Getting old-fashioned and actual cardboard for half of what a blaster of any current product would run you is an amazing feeling and a great way to add character to a collection.

For just a shade over ten bucks I was recently able to accomplish such a feat. This beautiful 1954 Bowman Duke Snider is one of my favorite vintage goodies and has some of the excellent character within it that speaks to the fact that this card was loved at some point by a previous owner. And now, it shall be loved by me (phrasing....boom). Seriously, vintage Hall of Fame Dodgers >>> ANY BLASTER.

The card back, for those of you that are excited by such things. The only flaw on this card is the noticeable crease running horizontally across the middle, but honestly, it's that crease which allowed me to acquire this card for the great price I was able to land it at. The card has held its color - the blue sky behind The Duke of Flatbush is such an amazing and appropriate touch - and Edwin's smiling face is not obscured, which is what matters to me most when I pick up pre-1970 cards.


  1. Buying vintage is better than half a blaster. Nice score.

  2. Now THAT is a nice card! Completely agree on vintage over modern wax, great score.

  3. Nice! I'll take that over modern cardboard any day of the week.

  4. Great deal. All that's missing in that photo is his halo.

  5. Thanks guys!

    Hackenbush- It is quite the angelic pose haha.