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Monday, March 4, 2013

I Finally Own A Paul Kariya Auto!

It's taken me a long time, and too long in fact, to lock down an autograph of one of the best players in Ducks' franchise history. Paul Kariya signatures usually go for too much cash as he doesn't seem to have a lot of John Hancocks available. I was patient and eventually landed the below beaut for a bit over half a blaster.

It was a sum I was more than happy to shell out to finally knock a vital card off of my Cardboard Bucket List. Paul played a huge role in the formative years of my hockey-watching life so his signature was a must. My only requirements were that Paul was in a Ducks' sweater and I didn't break the bank. Check and check. The fact that I ended up with an on-card auto is just the sweet icing on the cake.

It pairs oh so well with the Teemu Selanne autograph from the same set I picked up for even less dinero a while back. To own the autographs of a pair of future Hall of Famers who played together in their prime for my favorite team and serve as the reason I became a Ducks' fan instead of a Kings' fan is, well, a real treat.


  1. Go Kings Go...
    Though that is a great pick up.
    Even though they are that other team they are great players.

  2. I'm searching for a Jagr auto in a flyers uni, I found one at the card show i was at.. so i asked how much she said 15-18.. and i was like that sounds low.. then she said 15-18 hundred.. and i was like ohhh... It was a one of one NHL shield logo auto, very nice.

    Sweet kariya

  3. Matthew- Haha, thanks man! Had Kariya and Selanne not been so good I may have ended up a Kings' fan, who knows....

    Arno- Gracias amigo!

    Brad- Thanks!

    And holy crap, that's insane! I'd never drop that on a card. Well, not a Jagr Flyers' auto anyways haha. Although a 1/1 Shield/Auto, and I had the cash to burn, maybe....

    Good luck tracking one down sooner than later!