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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

RPG: The Ducks' Top Line On One Card.

The day card companies exclusively produce cardboard which combines my favorite players, multi-colored minor league memorabilia, a sleek design, and a limited print-run is the day I officially go broke. I can't resist that amalgam of traits.

Hence why I couldn't help but acquire the above beauty when it appeared on eBay recently. It's the Gold Version and is thus limited to just ten copies. It hails from the Triple Memorabilia subset of '06-'07 In The Game Heroes & Prospects and features the Anaheim Ducks' RPG line of Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry flanking The Captain, Ryan Getzlaf. There are five unique colors on the card which includes sweater swatches from the Ducks (Getzlaf), Portland Pirates (Perry), and Owen Sound Attack (Bobby). The best part? It ran me a paltry $12.27 shipped.


  1. That is an awesome card. I love how ITG really seems to pay attention to include the jersey of the player from the team he is pictured in. I'm really surprised they didn't do the same with Getzlaf.

  2. thanks! and yeah that surprised me too but I'm glad they at least put in a piece of a Ducks' sweater.

    it adds some nice balance to the card.