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Monday, April 22, 2013

Drysdale Autos Join My Collection.

There are some Dodgers whose John Hancocks are true White Whales for a variety of reasons: price, scarcity, popularity, and the simple fact that they have passed on, meaning what's out there now is what will be out there with no replenishing of the supply to meet the high demand. I recently acquired one of five Blue Crew White Whales, and took a risk in doing so.

Welcome to the collection, Don Drysdale. Big D autographs meet each of the above outlined requirements for true White Whale status. While a sweet-spot ball would be amazing, and I still hope to add one at some point in the future, I couldn't resist putting in a bid on the above. The price was right for what I was willing to shell out and my bid held. I walked away with a fantastic Perez-Steele Sketch Postcard, and it's numbered to boot (01646/10,000).

The risk, of course, is that there's no COA from PSA/DNA or JSA to go along with it. From the Dandy Drysdale autos I've seen though it looks legit, and there are more signed postcards available online. I'm definitely going to get this authenticated; it's just a matter of when. While I'm on the subject of the great Don Drysdale, I also recently landed this from eBay.

It wasn't until right before I won this that I realized Ann Meyers-Drysdale was a UCLA alum and all-time great women's basketballer. I had to grab her signature and this flashcard ran me just a few bucks. Again, no authentication but it looks fine to me. I love the UCLA and multiple Hall of Fame inscriptions.


  1. very nice big d. i would agree that it looks legit. congrats.

    i picked up one of the nabisco signed cards a while back (without the coa card that came with it). i also picked up three other dodger white whale autos recently - one of which i will showcase tomorrow, and another that will post on friday. still looking for sandy, though.

  2. Nice. Drysdale still eludes me.

  3. gcrl- Thanks! And glad to hear I'm not alone in thinking it's the real deal haha. Looking forward to your Whale post!

    DB- Thanks!

    Arno- Gracias! But you have Sandy dude! Talk about eluding....