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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ryan Getzlaf '12-'13 (Regular) Season Tracker: A Retrospect.

The Captain had one of his best regular season campaigns ever, potting 15 goals to go along with 34 helpers. His 49 points led the team, and Getzy also chipped in 3 shootout goals in his 44 games.

Playoffs begin this week with the Ducks hosting the Detroit Red Wings. s'go!


Dennis said...

I hope Andrew Cogliano scores 20 goals for you guys...and that the Wings score 24. Down with the Ducks! LET'S GO RED WINGS!

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Ducks! 11 Stanley Cups vs Disney Movie. Real hockey fans will take Hockeytown any day of the week.

Greg Zakwin said...

Dennis- Haha, GO DUCKS GO!

Anonymous- Oh, I'm sooooo sorry, I didn't realize I wasn't a real hockey fan if I didn't support Detroit.

Also we did win a Cup, no matter how hard you clearly try to forget it.

Robert said...

I see the Ducks as the only legitimate shot of a team beating the Hawks in the West playoffs this year.

By the way, Dennis' was just a parting shot before his Wings head east next year and have their asses kicked by some real teams in a new conference!!