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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diggin' The Retro, Man.

Another Getzlaf autograph for my ever-expanding PC of the Ducks' Captain (58 total). This newest addition hails from 2012-2013 Fleer Retro, is the auto parallel of the base card, and was had with a Bobby Ryan base card for half a blaster.

The seller also threw in a random relic of a former Duck prospect. This Getzlaf is one of two signatures in Retro and was part of a John Hancock Group seeded at a rate of 1:136 packs. It's not even the rarer of the two Getzy autos, by a long-shot.


  1. Very nice! I was hoping there would be some Whalers autos to be had in this set, but was disappointed when I found not a single one on the checklist...

  2. Thanks!

    And that seems strange, considering the set is called Retro....

  3. Surprised you keep finding cheap autos of Getz.

  4. I am both surprised and pleased haha.