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Saturday, May 4, 2013


I think this is a most appropriate post considering it's Free Comic Book Day. No, my modest Silver Age comic collection is not on display today. Instead, I'll feature this sweeeeeet 1/1 custom sketch card of one of the newest Dodgers.

It's actually the second custom sketch card I've snagged off of eBay for a stellar and cheap price. This is the "blue 1/1," if you will. You can never go wrong with lots of blue on a Dodgers' card, or a card of a Dodger, for that matter. Hyun-Jin Ryu doesn't have anything in the way of American cardboard yet and for $1.34 delivered it was an easy auction to go after. The artist responsible is Cincinnatus.


  1. Sweet card! As a comic book fan myself, I love a good sketch.

  2. Thanks! I do enjoy me some custom sketch cards, as long as the price is reasonable.