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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ryan Getzlaf Shadow Box, Case Hit Style!

Acquiring a case hit for a steal of a deal is a wonderful feeling. When that case hit happens to be a gorgeous Shadow Box of your main hockey guy, Ryan Getzlaf, that wonderful feeling is multiplied exponentially.

The card - which I've been after for a long time - ran me just over half a blaster. I absolutely love that Getz is wearing both the Captain's C and a visor. For more info on Shadow Boxes, we turn to Matt Pederson of Cardboard Conundrum fame.

The seller tossed in a pair of extras in the form of an Upper Deck Exclusives (#'d 084/100) of Cam Fowler and a Calder Contenders rookie of Patrick Maroon (#'d 057/999). The Fowler makes for a nice addition to my modest collection of the young blueliner while the Maroon will end up in the next PTSIA Card Draft.


shoeboxlegends said...

Very nice, I've had my eye on a couple of Ron Francis shadowboxes from this same set but the sellers have been unwilling to part with them for $20 or less, which is what I felt was reasonable. Great job scoring this Getzlaf for half that!

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks! And good luck landing a Francis!