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Monday, September 9, 2013

A Cutting Edge Stars Bat Slice From Matt Kemp and 2013 Bowman Platinum

I recently landed one of the most aesthetically-pleasing cards I own. From 2013 Bowman Platinum, it's a Cutting Edge Stars bat slice from The Bison, #'d 04/50.

My newest Mattycakes was had via eBay for just $8.14 delivered, a surprisingly low sum. I really dig the die-cut design and the fact that Topps went with a piece of bat rather than a simple jersey swatch.


Stealing Home said...

That die cut is awesome!

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks! Fell in love with it the moment I saw it and knew I had to have it.

Fuji said...

One of these days I'll add a Kemp memorabilia card to the PC. Might have to track down one of these beauties... congrats on the purchase.

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks Fuji! And you should, The Bison is awesomely awesome.