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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Sweet Kenley Jansen Additions.

I recently made a pair of impulse Kenley Jansen additions. Both cards had caught my eye and I finally took the plunge on one of my favorite Dodgers. Here are the newest additions to my very modest collection of the second coming of Mo Rivera.

First up is a very unique card I've only seen once. It's Kenley as a catcher and member of the West Oahu CaneFires, a Winter League team in Hawaii. It was just a few bucks and some pocket change, and I was instantly drawn to the card when I saw it. I'm a big fan of minor league issues and quirky cards, and this certainly fits into both of those categories.

Next up, I landed a Gold Parallel - numbered 12/62 - from 2013 Topps Mini. I quite like the design of 2013 Topps; minis are awesome; and low-numbered parallels of elite players had for under $5 can't be beat.

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