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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AJ Ellis and Clayton Kershaw: The Two Best Friends That Anybody Could Have.

In the last couple of months I've landed a handful of fantastic additions to my modest AJ Ellis PC. The first two to be showcased are parallels of a base card that features not just AJ, but Clayton Kershaw as well. AJ Ellis, such a mensch for sharing most of his baseball cards with teammates.

1/1 Mini Magenta Printing Plate! Seriously, give me more Between Two Palm Trees already. I miss it so very, very much. I'm sure that's what these friends and battery-mates are discussing. Also, I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this beautiful piece of cardboard.

As a nice companion to my first AJ plate, I picked up the mini gold parallel, numbered 39/62. Both were very reasonably-priced, and I was actually refunded my shipping costs on the 1/1 as the seller shipped it in a not-so-secure manner and I had to work my magic to fix the slight bend in the printing plate.

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