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Monday, November 11, 2013

Superman: 1940 Gum.

After learning there was a 1940 gum set devoted to Superman, I knew I had to pick one up if I could find a poorly-conditioned gem for a great price. After weeks of searching eBay, one finally came my way for a few bucks.

My copy of card # 23 in the set, Hurtling To Destruction, is missing a chunk of cardboard and displays plenty of wear and tear, but I love it nevertheless. It's held its color fairly well and Superman is intact, which is all I really cared about in addition to the price.

Yes, Superman saves Junior from a "I drove the car off the cliff" death.


  1. Whoa, awesome card!!! I've never seen these before, I think I have to have one.

  2. Wow, that's just two years after Action Comics #1. Superman was still a baby. Cool!

  3. I gotta give it to ya, bud.
    That card is neat-o!

  4. Gracias amigos! Go grab one for yourselves!