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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Five Star Silver Bison Majestically Roams Into My Mattycakes' Collection.

The tail-end of 2013 will forever be known for two things: that one time I went on a serious eBay bender that wasn't a bunch of other times, and the time I picked up a ton of awesomely amazing and affordable Matt Kemp autographs. My latest acquisition is one of the most beautiful and truly sick cards I own, and I genuinely don't ever want to put it down. Topps, you absolutely nailed it with Five Star.

Numbered 56/99, this 2012 Silver Signatures of The Bison was purchased a while back for a reasonable price and even came with the redemption itself, as most of Matty's John Hancocks since 2011 have been redemptions. For the most part, Kemp started to get them filled during the latter half of this year, and I've thankfully been able to take full advantage of that. Everything about this card is phenomenal, from the wood background to the GORGEOUS on-card silver signature.


  1. Great card. I have the Kershaw twin still looking for this one though.

  2. Love the 5 stars. This is perfect with the silver sig. Doesn't Matt's face look a little like Sheffield's on this card?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Penguin- Already have the Twins in-hand and together ;)

    Austin- Gotta love silver! And he does a bit, yeah haha.

  4. Beautiful card. I have another thing to add to my to-do list. haha

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