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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Matt Kemp's 2012 Topps Five Star Autos Are Gorgeous and Pure Magic!

One of the things Matt Kemp was able to do in 2013 was sign the backlog of redemptions that were inserted into various products over the last couple of seasons. Well, at least a large portion of that backlog. 2012 Topps Five Star is one of the products he knocked out, and the cards came out just as beautifully as I imagined they would look if they were ever to be produced.

I didn't have any redemptions out for Five Star but quickly went to eBay to rectify that weakness in my Mattycakes' Collection. Numbered 53/97, the above was had for roughly the price of a blaster. As always, a blue Dodgers' relic means it's a fantastic patch piece! If you've always wanted to own a Kemp auto or enjoy Five Star sans the desire to pay the ludicrous full box price, now would be the time to go and grab something for your collection. Just not something I want, of course.


  1. One of the best Kemp cards I've seen. I'm glad that was one of the first ones I added myself.

  2. Thanks gents!

    Alex- It's a good one to have! A number of parallels too.