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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Milestone Matt Kemp: 300

I really feel like making a bunch of 300 jokes but I shall refrain and instead simply state that the below gorgeous piece of high-end cardboard represents the 300th unique Matt Kemp card I have in my Bison PC.

This phenomenal auto/relic is the rainbow parallel numbered 06/25. The jersey swatch is from the Los Angeles or Dodgers on the front of the uniform which makes it all the more glorious (see, I couldn't resist at least one Spartan reference). It was had for a good price considering its scarcity and high-end nature and is another notch in my Matt Kemp 2012 Topps Five Star belt. The rest of those aforementioned notches are below.

A ridiculous Silver Signatures auto /10. Silver autographs are just nails.

The base auto/relic combo -- with another blue swatch! -- numbered out of 97.

And finally, the silver base parallel, #'d 02/10. I'm just now seeing the amazing Brooklyn throwback helmet. It's truly spectacular.


  1. Hey, BB4L, congrats on 300! That first "B" is for "Brie" still, though, not "Bison." You can find someone else to be your Bison Buddy For Life. In conclusion, hooray!

  2. Great pickup. Can never have enough Kemp autographs.

  3. Congratulation on the milestone! Nice pick up for #300.

  4. Five Stars are the most visually stunning cards. All of those are amazing.

  5. Thanks gents!

    Dennis- Haha, I would hope that with all of the Dodgers' blogs I could find a Bison Buddy!