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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Great 8: #MERICA Style.

Oh, is this ever a spectacularly gorgeous piece of cardboard. A while back I finally nabbed my first auto of future hockey Hall of Famer and all-around beast Alexander Ovechkin. It's hand-numbered 74/99, and if I'm not mistaken these were only available at the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention.

Those throwback Washington Capitals' sweaters are just marvelous and so damn American. I've wanted an OV John Hancock for some time as he's one of my favorite non-Anaheim Ducks. This bad boy ran me less than a blaster and I absolutely dig everything about it.


  1. Awesome card, man. With all the hockey cards I have, for some reason, I still have yet to land me an Ovi auto.

  2. Thanks gents!

    Matt- Go and get one dude!