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Saturday, February 22, 2014

1955 Red Man Tobacco: Al Rosen.

While I don't need a ton to complete my Al Rosen Collection I do occasionally stumble upon a piece that has alluded my grasp. Such was the case when the below 1955 Red Man popped up for a very reasonable price. I couldn't pass on it, especially when taking into consideration its excellent condition.

These came with tabs which would have been where you see the serrated bottom edge. This is in surprisingly good condition minus a couple of minor, minor creases. I already have the '53 and '54 Red Mans, but 1955 had been very tough to come by.


  1. For a card without the tab, that thing is in great shape. Good and crisp.

  2. Man, vintage is so much better than modern.

  3. Jeff- Definitely man, I was surprised how nice it is.

    Austin- I agree! Well, most of the time, at least haha.