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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Matt Kemp's Head is Floating!

My latest Matt Kemp hit combines elements I adore in a piece of cardboard, particularly one of Mattycakes: a well-designed set; a large swatch of jersey; an action shot; a bearded Bison; and FLOATING HEADS!

This phenomenal offering is numbered 04/25, and there's an even more jaw-dropping patch variation out of a scant 5 that I've tried to nab once or twice already. It's a card I sincerely hope to one day call my own. I love sets that have that old-timey feel to them, and Panini really hit it out of the park with these Silhouettes from 2013 Pastime. I really dig Pastime as a whole from what I've seen thus far, and it includes Kemp and Clayton Kershaw, so I would have been hard-pressed to find fault in it to begin with.


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Fully agree, really love the Pastime set, Panini hit home with that one. Great look and feel ! Grats with the card !

Fuji said...

Floating heads rule!

Hackenbush said...

That's a card that's just fun to look at!

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks gents!

Dutch! I will get you that scan soon! I've just been busy!