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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ryan Getzlaf's Championship Auto and Patch (40% of the /10 Print-Run!)

I'm still after anything Ryan Getzlaf I can get my hands on from 2010-2011 Panini Dominion. The pickings continue to become increasingly slimmer and slimmer by the day -- I'm partially to blame for that -- but occasionally something pops and if the price is right I pounce. I was fortunate that the below beaut was in my range, and I made sure I came away with it.

This sweet little four-color thing is from the Championship Gear Auto-Patch subset, which has a scant print-run of just 10. I now own 4 of those 10. 40% of the run is pretty damn awesome. The other three I have can be seen below.

The eBay one of one, the first of print-run, #'d 01/10.

The most colorful of all the patches is #'d 02/10.

And finally, the best patch piece of them all, #'d 04/10.

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