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Friday, April 11, 2014

Ryan Getzlaf Panini Crown Royale: Silhouette Signatures Auto-Jumbo Patch

While I like picking up new cards for my various PCs, I can't turn down a duplicate if it's as amazingly gorgeous, phenomenal, and affordable as the below pickup was and is for my Ryan Getzlaf Collection.

Numbered 20/25, it hails from '11-'12 Panini Crown Royale and features a die-cut Captain Getzy silhouetted over a prime gold and white patch piece. The autograph is bold, big, and most importantly on-card.

Here's the copy I picked up way back in November of 2012 (well, it was posted then; it was picked up sometime before then). It's numbered 02/25 and features a gold and black patch. This newest copy was significantly cheaper than the first one I nabbed, and if I have the chance to acquire any more copies for great steals, I will.


  1. You have made some sweet additions to your Getzlaf PC recently

  2. Man, I love those silhouette cards. Great pickup!