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Friday, May 9, 2014

Al Rosen: Ultimate. Legendary.

My latest Al Rosen addition is a sweeeeet dual relic -- complete with old-school wool jersey swatches -- from the Ultimate Legendary Materials subset of 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection. It ran me a paltry $4.86 delivered.

The card features a classic photo of Rosen posing with a bat in addition to the two die-cut windows which spell "AR" and house the wool. It's numbered 20/55 and when it became available I knew I had to have it as I really like the card and had never seen it before. Both relic windows seem to have a seam going through them.


  1. Awesome card. But at the same time... it seems a shame to cut up one of those awesome wool jerseys from the past... especially one worn by Mr. Rosen. Don't mind me... I get this way every time I check out one of my personal relic cards of an old school player.

  2. Phenomenal wooly. I've seen a number of auto and relic Rosen cards, but never this one. Great pick-up.