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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A New Dodger Hidden In My Collection: A.J. Vanegas (Stanford, Round 11)

The Los Angeles Dodgers selected righty A.J. Vanegas out of Stanford with their 11th round selection in this year's just-completed amateur draft. The name was very familiar to me and I immediately knew why I recognized it.

The above cards were trade bait lying around that I had in my possession for well over a couple of years. I picked up the dual USA relic out of 2010 Bowman Sterling way back when from my now-defunct LCS. It was probably 99 cents, and it's a refractor numbered 012/199. The 2010 Topps USA RC came from one of those boxed sets you could find at Target.

The relic was ticketed for my upcoming (at some point, I promise) card draft but for the time being I'll hold onto it. This happened once before when the Dodgers drafted Corey Seager in the first round back in 2012.


  1. I bet your glad you didn't move that Seager card.

  2. Haha, indeed! Was easier not to move considering I had probably forgotten about it at the time. Also, I do love blue parallels like that, especially since it's a Team USA card.